Our mission is to offer services and products that enable you to work faster and smarter

Who We Are

3E Development is three brothers with over 20 years of real-world engineering experience. Born and raised in Texas, it should come as no surprise that we have close ties to the petroleum industry. In fact, our first suite of products is in response to a request to update aging technology in a very mature industry.

What We Believe In

Helping. We are dedicated to integrating technology into the workforce. Whether it is new or existing technology, we will work to integrate it into your workforce and help streamline your processes.

What We Stand For

We recognize there are two sides to the brain. We hope you appreciate or at least enjoy the informal lingo when we talk about why we do what we do. But when it comes to how we do, we cinch up the technical writing belt and make sure to be very clear about limits and tolerances. We scratch your logical itch by developing apps/tools to make you more efficient. It’s important to us that apps be well tested, well founded and well documented.

Deliver results

Andrew has recently moved from Seattle to Houston and heads the iOS development team. Degreed in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University, he works as a lead developer for the 3E development team. Andrew possesses over 2 years of professional engineering experience and has a proven ability to meet deadlines and deliver quality results.

His philosophy: Deliver results. As a technical professional my confidence, my capability and my skill set enable me to simply deliver. For me dependable, logical and reliable code is a personal requirement in every project.

Andrew has proven skills in delivering a great product. Quick to adapt to new technology, learn new skills and an amazing ability to consume large amounts of coffee. These skills combined with personal drive positions him to deliver sound code and quality applications.

Attention to detail

Chris is based out of Los Angeles and specializes in product definition, database design and user-interface/experience. He's currently focusing his efforts on front-end development of single-page applications using AngularJS. Degreed from Texas A&M University, Chris possesses over 12 years of professional experience and has a proven ability to learn fast, think methodically and simply get it done.

His philosophy: The details matter. As a technical professional my confidence, capability and credibility rely on due diligence in all aspects. The numbers, the words, the look; it all has to be right. And it all has to make sense. If I handle the little things, the larger ones come together naturally.

Everything Chris does, both professionally and personally, is grounded in this philosophy and by the desire to create. He sees application development as the perfect platform to marry his skills and his passions.

Bridges the gap

Daniel is based out of Houston and he converts user requests into developer requirements. Degreed in Computer Science from Texas Tech University, he possesses over 10 years of professional Oil and Gas IT experience. Daniel has proven ability to build relationships, listen, learn quickly, and to think logically.

His philosophy: Help someone ELSE out today. As a technical professional my experience, my capability and my credibility put me in a position to help others work faster and smarter using technology. Even if it doesn't involve technology, this philosophy ensures I invest in relationships and not contracts.

Daniel is a natural problem solver and integrates technology to build bridges that close the technology gap. Pulling user requirements from a simple conversation comes naturally. Combining this skill with his passion to help others is his blueprint for building bridges and closing gaps.