Bottom Hole Pressure


  • Predicts Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP), also known as hydrostatic head or hydrostatic pressure
  • Displays normal ranges for density and depths for easy reference
  • Supports US and Metric units


  • Fluid Density (lb/gal or kg/m3)
  • True Vertical Depth (ft or m)


  • Bottom Hole Pressure (psi or kPa)


Bottom hole pressured is calculated based on contributions of all fluids (spacers, weighted pills, etc) in the annulus. To calculate bottom hole pressures, BHP utilizes the standard equation for bottom hole pressure found in API Recommended Practice 10B-2 Second Edition, April 2013:

  • US Units BHP (psi) = 0.052 x Fluid Density (lb/gal) x True Vertical Depth (ft)
  • Metric Units BHP (kPa) = 0.00981 x Fluid Density (kg/m3) x True Vertical Depth (m)


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