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Lets Turn Your Idea Into An App


We love taking napkin sketches or white board drawings and making apps out of them.

If you’re a business owner and want to create an app to make your business more effective and efficient, but don’t have a tech team to lean on? Then you’ve came to the right place.

If you’re an entrepreneur and have an idea for an app, don’t have the technical expertise to make it a product, and don’t want to give up equity to a technical co-founder? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve developed a process and materials to ensure your app development project is a success. The App Blueprint process has been proven to save you from headaches, overspending, and delays.

When you work with 3E Dev you get strategy, branding, and technical expertise all baked in, not just one aspect of your project but all aspects. It’s time to put the App Blueprint in action for your project.

Lets Build A Website That Sells


If you’re looking for a traditional website, sorry. We don’t do traditional.

We build sales automation, disguised as websites, that have sales principles baked in. We build websites with 2 goals in mind.
Generate leads and make sales.

If you’re a business owner or startup and want to streamline and automate your sales process, but don’t have a tech team with marketing expertise to lean on? Then you’ve came to the right place.

Our Funnel Blueprint process will ensure your sales automation will fit your business needs. We start with a workshop to deep dive into your business. We create a system to generate leads and turn those leads into paying customers.

The Funnel Blueprint has been proven and it’s time to put The Funnel Blueprint in action for your project.

This is what our customers have said about our services

Chris Bentley
President & CEO of Bellatorum Resources

I’m from Tyler, TX and I am in the mineral and royalty acquisition business… Bellatorum Resources

3E Dev was very involved and took the time to understand what we needed. They were responsive, efficient, and provided a high quality product.

Before we started working with 3E Dev, we could not find an off the shelf app or software solution to meet our business requirements. 

We were using 3 different systems inefficiently.
Getting a fair price for what we were trying to build was hard.
We have a guy in-house that has enough experience with software development to know what a fair price on development should be and we kept getting ridiculously high bids.

3E Dev came with an honest and fair approach and a very transparent billing method.

Now that we have built our custom app, we are much more efficient, organized, and have added value to our enterprise with this custom solution that meets our business needs.

The level of customer service was top notch and the dev team was super competent. They gave us exactly what we envisioned.

3E Dev is an extremely professional and competent outfit. They were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their level of customer service, responsiveness, and attention to were unparalleled.

I would highly recommend them as your development partner and can say without reservation that they will add value to your company way beyond their ticket price.

A Proven Process To Make Your Ideas A Reality.

No Tech Experience Required.
We Bake Strategy, Marketing, and Tech Expertise Into Every Project.